More than half of UK motorists surveyed by  InterResolve are being put off making a legitimate claim, citing a complicated  claims process.

The study, conducted by OnePoll, showed that 85% of the 2000 drivers surveyed  think the cost of motor insurance is unfair, while only 8% believe the motor  insurance claims process is easy to understand and is efficient – with more than  67% perceiving it to be lengthy and confusing.

Most of Britain’s motorists lay the blame for the high cost of motor  insurance at the door of injury lawyers and claims companies (52%) and a further  27% blame uninsured and dangerous drivers.

However, insurers themselves have not escaped blame, with 18% of those  interviewed stating that insurers are also to blame.

Commenting on his firm’s findings, Simon Drew, InterResolve chief executive,  said: “There is an obvious demand here from the nation’s motorists for a  clearer, simpler motor claims process. Many feel hard done by, by the many  parties involved in the claims process who are supposed to be acting in drivers’  best interests.

“It’s clear that the recent referral fees debate has addressed, but not  resolved, the issue. The most important finding however is that the majority of  people would be very receptive to an alternative process such as mediation if it  was offered to them. It is therefore alarming that it isn’t.”

The study also revealed that many drivers would welcome being offered an  alternative to the current claims process, with 53% of those surveyed reporting  they would consider mediation to settle a small claim rather than the  traditional legal approach if given the option.

Drew added: “It’s clear from this research that motorists want to be given a  choice and an alternative to the current claims process. In other legal sectors,  such as family, employment and business disputes, mediation is encouraged and in  some areas even enforced. Given these findings, the Government and the market  need to do consider why all small and undisputed motor claims are being directed  through a ‘one-size-fits-all’ legal process without claimants being given any  choice.”

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