InterResolve reduces RTA injury claims costs.

Where injury claims are straightforward and undisputed they should be resolved directly with third party insurers without unnecessary legal costs. InterResolve acquires claims before they are referred to lawyers. We then act as an independent mediator to settle small claims between claimants and fault insurers using injury mediation, and ensuring that claimants have access to independent advice and insurers save costs.

InterResolve has published the Injury Claims Charter which sets out the principles by which insurers treat third party claimants under our Direct Settlement scheme. More and more insurers, brokers and others are supporting these principles by signing up to the Charter. Please contact us to request a copy.

InterResolve has two offerings for insurers:

  • InterResolve TP+ A second touch support service that maximises insurers’ third party assistance, offering claims mediation to claimants that do not want to settle directly. Read more
  • InterResolve Direct Settlement  Notification and settlement of claims directly with third party insurers, at less than MoJ cost rates, in claims we acquire from brokers and fleets. Read more
For further information you can also contact us.